Saturday, September 24, 2011

{fall} fashion

{fall} fashion

technically i don't think you can call what we have here in vegas {fall} per say... but i love fall fashion and my friend erin over at inspired me to start blogging about my fall fashion choices... i LOVE this idea

so my first post is the outfit i wore to tonights dinner party:
shirt: forever21 (it's from last fall so i don't know the price)
cami: forever21 $2.50
leggings: charlotte russe $6.00

leaf earrings: forever21 $1.50
necklace: forever21 $5.50

high socks: gap kids $3.00
boots: rhapsiodelle $20.00

thanks miss erin for the inspiration... can't wait to see what other girls are posting :)


  1. I love that necklace. So lovely! And boots are always a favorite. You look great!