Monday, August 8, 2011

{the man and the snake}

Here's a paraphrase of a story I heard today:

{the man and the snake}

A man was going to climb up a mountain and just before he began his climb he came across a snake. 
"Please carry me up the mountain" the snake pleaded.
"No way!  You're a snake!  If I pick you up you will bite me!" said the man.
"Noooo... I wouldn't bite you," said the snake, "I just want you to carry me up the mountain because I'm slow and you are fast.  Please carry me."
The man thought for a moment and against his better judgment decides to pick up the snake.  The man puts the snake inside his shirt and carries him all the way up the mountain.  When they reach the top the man pulls the snake out of his shirt.  As the man is putting the snake back on the ground it bites him.  The man throws the snake down.
"Why did you bite me?  You lied. You told me you wouldn't bite me!" screams the man.
The snake just grinned and said, "No, I never lied to you.  I am a snake afterall and you knew that when you picked me up."

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