Monday, April 4, 2011

[Tyler's First T.Ball Game]

Tyler James started t.ball this year.  He loves it!!!  His little face just lights up the minute we get to practice.  Those of you who have shy kids know how painful it can be to sign your kids up for sports or even just to take them to the park.  But, he just loves t.ball so much.  It makes us so happy to see him running, laughing and playing with other kids. :)
He had his very first game last Saturday.  It was so cute watching all these little kids "play" baseball.  Four year olds tend to have the attention span of a spider monkey so you can imagine how hard it is to keep them focused on the game.  God bless their coach!  I think Tyler is a natural though.  He can hit really well and he's great at going after the ground balls and throwing.  [but i might be teensy bit biased haha]
Pictures from game day: [email me if you'de like your autographed picture now]

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